Baracuda G3 W03000 Pool Cleaner Review

Baracuda G3 W03000 Pool Cleaner


It works with low speed pumps to clean your pool with maximum efficiency. This model is affordable and easy to install. It is durable, reliable and cheap to maintain. The pool cleaner and the hose come with 1 and 2 year warranty respectively. It is one moving part which eliminates the need to make too many replacements. It is simple to use and operates quietly with the elimination of a flapper and hammer.


This cleaner has issues with handling large leaves. It also tends to get stuck up on top of the anti-vortex main drain but it can be easily pulled out. Leaves can clog up the diaphragm and therefore need to e removed frequently. This model is a bit heavier but can still climb walls.

Key Features of the Baracuda G3 W03000 Pool Cleaner

Additional Diaphragm: This is the only moving part in the cleaner. It is easy to replace given the quick-release mechanism. It provides a superior and reliable performance. Baracuda G3 operates silently and the utilization is simple.

Smart: This is an intelligent cleaner is capable of calculating and moving in defined areas. This automatic model is perfect for residential uses. It can work with minimal supervision even at night.

Hose: The package include long-life hoses which eliminate scuff from your swimming pool. It measures 39 feet in length which is sufficient for cleaning family pools. These hoses are resistant to brushing and scraping. The hose is easy to install since you only need to remove the skimmer basket and connect the hose to the suction pipe. It is well positioned to help in balancing the whole unit in water.

Powerful Suction: This cleaner has a powerful suction force which works well with low speed pumps. It is compatible with two speed and variable speed single pumps. This allows you to get the job done more efficiently. It is designed for cleaning in-ground pools by removing dirt, leaves and debris. Baracuda G3 works well with different pool surfaces including tile, gunite, vinyl and fiberglass. Its bristle drive mechanism has the power to knock loose sticky dirt, both large and small.

Regulator Valve: A flowkeeper valve is incorporated to help in regulating the water flow. This maintains the cleaning performance.
Wheel Deflector: The wheel deflector helps the cleaner to work around corners for complete cleaning. It makes the cleaner more agile.

36-Fin Disc: It allows the cleaner to adhere to the cleaning surface thus removing fine particles. This disc prevents the unit from being hung up while cleaning on drain covers and fittings.

Baracuda G3 W03000 Pool Cleaner Top View

Quick Release Design: A quick-release cassette design gives easy access to the Baracuda G3 diaphragm. These is also a handle which makes it easy to haul and carry.

Vacuum Line: The whole unit can be connected to the skimmer or a specific 1.5-inch vacuum line. A return line guides the cleaner away from steps and tight corners.

One Movement: This technology eliminates the need for flappers, wheels or a gear system which are too bulky. The whole unit is light and easy to carry. It can move with the lowest water current.

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