Best above ground pool cleaners reviewed

Above ground swimming pools need to be cleaned thoroughly for a great pool experience. Most people prefer these pools since they are easier to install compared to in-ground pools. Pool cleaners help you to remove dirt and debris thus providing a healthy swimming environment. The best above ground pool cleaners are automated thus reducing the amount of time and energy used in cleaning. They collect leaves, small twigs, and sediments with little effort. They are very suitable for cleaning residential pools. There are three main categories of above ground pool cleaners. These are robotic cleaners, pressure side cleaners, and suction side cleaners. This discussion provides insight on things to consider and some of the best models in the market.


Things To Consider When Buying an Above Ground Pool Cleaner

You should make sure that the selected cleaner is suitable to your family needs. First, there are three types of above ground pool cleaners. Suction-side automatic pool cleaners connect to the existing system. The vacuum is moved by energy created by the pool pump. This type also connects to a skimmer. It is cheaper and easy to use. Pressure side cleaners are attached to the return system of the pools circulation. They have an inherent power plant. These cleaners help distribute filtered water around the pool. They also have their debris bags. Robotic pool cleaners are meant for both in-ground and above ground pools. They are self-contained and don’t require to be connected to the existing filtration system. They only need a power source. This cleaner saves time and cleans more effectively.

When choosing an above ground pool cleaner, make sure the maximum height of the hose is compatible with the depth of the pool. Contoured models are more preferred since they improve movement under water. It should not be too light so as to enhance stability in water. Automated models which are compatible with different pool pumps and filters are more convenient. A good cleaner should also accommodate accessories like a leaf canister. The price should also match performance aspects like easy installation, storage, and durability. You can also prefer to select unique colors and animated cleaners to motivate you during the cleaning exercise.

Top Selling Above Ground Pool Cleaner Reviews

Intex Auto Pool Cleaner Review

Top Features

Automation: Intex Auto get rid of debris and dirt using pressure from water being pumped back into the pool. This pressure-side pool cleaner. It can be used with other cleaners apart from Intex pools with the provision of an adapter that fits the return line of the particular pool.
Attachment: This model uses 24.6 inches hose to link with the inlet connector.
Pump Range: It accommodates a wide range of filter pumps between 1600 to 3500 gallons per hour. A pump capable of at least 2500gph is usually enough. This model is also compatible with a sand filter pump.
Size: This cleaner has a height of 24 feet. Therefore, it’s able to clean pools with heights up to 24 feet. It works better at the height of 18 feet for rectangular pools. It weighs only 15.3 pounds which make it portable. This includes small wheels for mobility.
Brush and Pressure Jet: A brush is located at the base of the cleaner which helps clean the entire floor. Debris is removed through the action of the water pressure jet which blows away unwanted materials.
Filtration: debris net, skimmer basket, and pump filter. This model comes with a debris net, pump filter and a skimmer net which trap debris and floating sand.

It is offered at a reasonable price. The light construction makes it portable. It cleans a wide range of unwanted materials including debris and sand. Full automation results to seamless and comfortable use. The design makes cleaning and maintenance much easier.

It is designed only for in-ground and Intex pools. However, it can be used with other pools with the provision of an adapter. Best performance is obtained on smooth surfaces and pools with reduced turbulence.

Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Review

Top Features

Design: Hayward 900 is meant for all types and sizes of above ground pools. This automated model works well with the existing filtration system. It is designed with attractive 4-color cartoons. A contoured design allows the model to move through the water more easily for a faster cleaning process.
Gearing System: This system helps improve water circulation by drawing moving water from the bottom of the pool which produces better cleaning results. It ensures constant balanced water for a gentle movement and quiet operation.
Bumper Ring: the Deluxe bumper ring is incorporated to help minimize friction for easy movement along the walls and continuity of the programmed steering pattern.
Pump and Piping: It comes with a 30 feet horse and accommodates all pumps less than 3/4 horsepower.
Smart/Automation: A SmartDrive programmed steering is used to make sure that all spots are cleaned.
Installation and Warranty: The installation takes less than ten minutes, without tools. This model comes with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.

This model is easy to install and performs well for different pool sizes and shapes. It works great with a sand filter or any existing filtration system. It is easy to use and does not need a skimmer. A 1-year warranty shows manufacturers confidence for the product.

Requires full disassembly for storage. It hard to keep the tale on and has a tendency to tip over the current. Otherwise, it provides a great overall performance.

Hayward Aquabug Automatic Pool Cleaner Review

Top Features
Connection: This unit is easily connected to a skimmer and a dedicated vacuum port. Power is obtained from the swimming pool pump. The provided 32 feet horse is enough to clean a 24 feet round pool.
Automated Smart Drive System: This model also uses a programmed steering system which cleans the bottom of the pool more effectively.
Design: It is also contoured to promote steering while under water for fast cleaning. A bumper ring is incorporated to improve movement.
Circulation and Filtration: Aquabug is a suction-side automated pool cleaner. Improved water circulation is attributed to the suction mechanism from the bottom of the pool. Water flows through the pool pump filter then back into the swimming pool. Filtration is initiated by the pool filter and pump strainer.

It can be used to clean an above ground pool with a salt chlorine generator to initiate the production of natural chlorine. The installation is straightforward and requires no tools. It moves easily and faster while below water. A leaf canister can be added to help trap leaves.

A strong current can make it tip over or go sideways. It is designed for only permanent above ground pools but with great efficiency.