Best Inflatable Pools: Buying Guide

Inflatable pools are the best way of spending summer with your kids at home. This has been a great accessory for people without permanent pools. Also, sometimes the working schedule is very tight for one to go to the beach or public pools. Inflatables can be installed in the backyard where your family stays cool and comfortable. It can be placed in a tree-free splash zone. All you have to do is inflate the pool and place it in the backyard.

These temporary pools come with different types of features including lights, sprayers, and games. Inflatable pools vary with size, color design, and accessories. Size ranges from baby pools to family sizes. Inflatables are very convenient since you can collapse and fold them after use or during winter. They are also cheaper than plastic models. There are no sharp edges which will hurt your young ones. Below are things to consider before buying one as well as one of the best models available today.

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Best Inflatable Pools Compared and Reviewed

1. Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool Review

Top Features
Construction: Intex Swim Center is made of a 15 gauge vinyl. This thick liner is enough to accommodate water and family water. It measures 120 by 72 by 22 inches which are enough to accommodate a family. The walls of this pool are extra wide for more comfort and freedom. It is meant for six-year-old children or more. A couple of adults can fit in but without no swimming activity.
Design: The pool is perfectly colored with summertime blue. The inflation is compatible with a foot pump and can be done more faster.
Inflation Chambers: This model is made of 3 air chambers with a free flow exhaust valve and a double intake. The latter makes the process of inflation and deflation faster.
Capacity and Drainage: Intex Swim Family Inflatable can hold up to 264 gallons. The pool space can accommodate up to five people. A drainage plug is also provided to initiate and regulate drainage.

This model is safe even for crawling babies. The walls are deep enough to prevent babies from climbing and falling off. It can accommodate two adults and kids. It is easy to use, durable and stays clean upon chemical application. This pool holds enough amount of water.

The sides have a tendency of buckling backward thus leaving water everywhere. Faulty ones deflate uncontrollably, and the bottom rings leaks. But not all models are faulty since it depends on the packaging.

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2. Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center Review

Top Features
Design: This 4-inch deep pool has four inflatable rings. It great for children above two years old. They can slide into the pool area. The sliding area accommodates up to a maximum of 14.6 pounds.
Water Sprayer: This component attaches to the garden hose which helps in adding water to the pool.
Capacity and Plugs: Intex Rainbow can hold up to 77 gallons. Little water is added before attaching the sprayer. The plug is used to drain the pool.
Gaming: Six plastic balls are provided for the ball roller and toss ball games. This pool can be turned into a ball pit during off seasons. In this case, it can accommodate up to 500 balls.

It’s great for smaller kids. Easily inflates and deflates. It is perfect for gaming activities with the inclusion of balls and rings. It is made of durable and light PVC Vinyl.

It does not come with an air pump. Not suitable for older children and adults.

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3. Intex 57444EP Dinosaur Play Center Review

Top Features
Construction: The material construction consists of PVC. It measures 95 by 75 by 43 inches which are enough to accommodate young ones. It weighs only 10 pounds and has a height of 6.4 inches recommended for more than three-year-old. Intex 5744P is designed with a landing mat which provides extra padding for bouncing. This surface allows kids to slide down the pool to feed the dinosaur.
Attachments and Drain: This model is compatible with the garden hose which delivers water to keep children cool. A drain plug is provided on the pool floor.
Water fall and Sprayer: A waterfall and a sprayer are provided close to each other which offers more fun to children. Water flows to the palm tree sprayer. The waterfall is adjusted using the valve landing mat.
Capacity and Height: This model holds up to 57 gallons. The water height in the pool is ideal for young children. They can splash into the pool through the sides.
Accessibility and Accessories: Intex 57444EP is made with steps which allow easy access to the pool. It comes with a repair patch kit. Six balls for playing are provided. A control valve is provided for adjusting water flow.

It is easy to control the intensity of water shooting out during the spray action. The aesthetic appeal is great, especially for kids. Provides a wide range of pool activities including sliding, balling and feeding a dinosaur. A gauge allows the user to select the amount of water that can come out of the palm tree. It is easy to inflate, assemble and disassemble.

It has a tendency to sink a lot. The bottom of the pool is slightly slippery, but a bath mat can be added to the pool.

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Things To Consider When Buying an Inflatable Pool

The selected pool should be right for your children’s age and height to avoid drowning. Large and relatively shallow ones accommodate more people, are easy to warm up, fill and drain. The pool size is compatible with the size of your garden or backyard and number of kids or family members. The material used for construction should withstand beating by children and heat from the sun. Choose pools which come with a repair kit for patching up holes.

The selected pool should take a little time to inflate and deflate. The appearance of the inflatable should be appealing to kids regarding color and animation. Choose unique shapes and designs. Remember to check the maximum number of people that the pool can accommodate for safety reasons. An inflatable with multiple air compartments ensures that a single hole does not ruin the whole pool. Models with single air compartments are easy to set up, but the whole unit is ruined when pierced.