Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Pool Cleaner Review

Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Pool Cleaner


Wanda Whale saves time energy, time and cleaning effort. It is capable of cleaning pools that use salt chlorine generators. You don't need a booster pump to propel water. It allows easy cleaning given sufficient cord length. It is an affordable solution for cleaning permanently installed above ground pools. This unit cleans your pool automatically and quietly.


This is not a great choice for pools which are wavy at the bottom. Its wheels can spin and rip up the pool bottom. It does not clean inclined surfaces or pool sides unless you hold the cleaner in place. It is also not suitable for smaller pools but works great in medium and large pools.

Key Features of the Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale Pool Cleaner

Automation: This model is designed to clean above ground pools of all shapes and sizes automatically. It is suitable for medium sized pools meant for family use. This adorable pool cleaner works with the existing filtration system. You can turn off the pool's filter system. It needs at least 1500 gallons per minute to run decently. Vacuum power is obtained from the vacuums power and the filtration system. It is capable of vacuuming sand and dirt from the bottom provided there is enough water flow. The pool filter also needs to be maintained regularly for the vacuuming to be effective. Hayward the Whale can also remove dead algae from the pool after treating the water with algicide.

SmartDrive Program Steering: Hayward 900 Wanda the Whale utilizes a smart drive steering program. This makes sure that the unit does not miss a spot while cleaning. A SmartDrive technology provides you with a pre-programmed pattern. This allows you to clean your pool easily and much faster.

Hose: A 32 feet hose prevents you from leaning while cleaning. This length allows you to clean the pool from end to end. 12 hoses comprising of connector hoses and a single leader hose are attached to the cleaner body. This a hose length is enough to clean above ground pools measuring up to 24 feet.

Turbine/Gearing System: A unique turbine system provides a constant water flow while ensuring quite an operation. This propulsion system moves the cleaner gently across the pool bottom. It moves quietly and smoothly through the pool. The drive system ensures that the bottom of the pool is cleaned thoroughly.

Contoured Head Design: This design allows the cleaner to complete the steering pattern within a short time.

Toolless Installation: Hayward Wanda the Whale is easy to install without using tools. The suction-side pool vacuum and the filter system can be put together with ease. This takes less than 20 minutes after which you are ready to clean your pool. You only need to connect hose sections, let air out and connect it to the skimmer vacuum port.

Deluxe Bumper Ring: A bumper ring minimizes friction thus allowing for easy movement away from the wall. It also helps to resume the programmed steering pattern.

Design: Its design resembles a whale which makes it adorable. The white and blue colors match with most pools. This is a great choice for cleaning above ground pools filled with children since it looks friendly.

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