Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Review

Inflatable hot tubs come in handy during the cold season. Sometimes visiting a spa salon can be expensive thus forcing you to stay chilly. Today there are multiple inflatable spas in the market. Intex PureSpa is one of the most popular inflatable hot tubs. It is affordable compared to other models. PureSpa is also a product of a reputable company, Intex, which makes quality inflatable products including swimming pools. This model offers great efficiency with the provision of a heat pump and water jets in the inner lining. Its a great product for calming your body in bubbling water. It looks attractive when placed in the backyard or even adjacent to the pool.


Top Features

Material and Construction: Intex PureSpa is made of anti-scratch, sturdy, heavy-duty 3-ply laminate material. A drain pipe design helps in draining water away. Water can be drained after three months of use or when the water looks cloudy. The whole unit has an internal and external diameter of 58 and 77 respectively. The bottom of the tub features a smooth surface which you can lounge into comfortably. Durable buckles and belts are provided for security.

Control Panel: This portable water tub is equipped with a digital control panel which allows the user to set water temperatures. The control panel manipulates the heat pump which heats water up to 104 degrees. The self-locking system can also be initiated from the panel to help keep the water warm and bugs out.

Capacity and Temperature Ranges: This inflatable spa set accommodates a maximum of 4 people. It holds up to 210 gallons. Children can also enjoy the warm waters while seated on a plastic chair. PureSpa holds water in a temperature range between 68 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures rise at a rate of 2F per four which means the temperate maximum can be reached in 24 hours from a minimum value of 50 F.

Water Treatment and Filtration: PureSpa comes with an inbuilt hard water treatment system which makes water more gentler hence soothing to the skin. Two filter cartridges are provided for keeping water clean and refreshing. These filters are also easy to replace.

Other Accessories: The provided chlorine water dispenser helps in killing algae and germs. It comes with a bag used for storage. A drifting container helps in dispensing the right amount of chlorine in water using chlorine tablet computers. Water analysis strips are provided to keep water tidy and healthy. An inflatable cover is provided to keep the water warm. A user manual and a DVD provide instructions for installation.


This is a plug-and-play unit capable of being installed quickly. It is easy and safe to use with the provision of a control panel. The construction is very sturdy and scratch resistant. PureSpa can be easily moved inside or outside. This affordable model makes the process of water filtration easier. It provides clean and healthy water at the right temperatures for relaxation.


It lacks a cooling feature, but temperatures can be increased in small units. Activating the bubbles switches off the heating unit. Also, the balloon system is a bit loud. It does not come with a built-in seating, but an external one can be added especially for children.