Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

Polaris F9550 Sport Robotic Pool Cleaner


It can navigate through difficult corners and climb walls. Sensing helps in cleaning all spots while avoiding obstacles. Timer and remote allow you to control the unit more effectively. It is easy to install and clean.


Sometimes it gets tripped by the long power cord, but upgrading to a 360 swiveling cord will solve the problem. The cleaner can get stuck on the drain covers.

Key Features of the Polaris F9550 Sport Pool Cleaner

Four Wheel Drive: This feature drives the robotic cleaner through the water. It is fitted with Aqua-Trax tires which move through water with ease. These wheels come in handy during vertical navigation. They allow you to scrub pool walls with ease.

ActivMotion Sensor Technology: The ActivMotion robot is used to control robots position while moving in the pool. This makes sure all spots are cleaned. It allows the cleaner to maneuver in both large and small pools. Polaris 9950 can clean the pool between 2 to 3 hours. A remote allows you to direct the cleaner to any position within the pool. It also has a dirt canister indicator. This informs you when to clean the canister, unlike most models.

Control Panel: This panel allows you to manipulate cleaner settings. You can select the order in which tasks will be executed. You can choose to clean either the side, bottom or even both.

Programmable Timer: This model comes with a 7-day programmable timer with pre-set cleaning patterns. A motion sensing handled remote is also provided to help monitor the cleaning process. You can set it one time and obtain reproducible results. Also, you can set a variety of time settings within the week. It allows you to set the unit to clean the pool every day. This allows you to relax and clean the pool as often as you like. You can also set the cleaner to perform cleaning in different cycles.

Scrubbing Brush: Polaris 9950 incorporates oscillating brushes which help is removing stubborn stains within the pool. It loosens up the fungus and sweeps up debris. This pleated brush helps in cleaning corners, water lines and other sections of the pool which are hard to reach.

Vortex Vacuum Technology: This technology allows you to pick up larger debris with effective suction force. It accounts for 25 percent of power delivered by the cleaner. The debris capacity is almost four times that of ordinary pool cleaners. These are combined with a 60 feet hose to clean extensive areas.

Rear Water Propulsion System: This powerful propulsion system allows the cleaner to move along the stairs and tight corners to remove dirt and debris.

Filter Canister and Lid: These are used to collect debris thus eliminating the need for messy bags. The canister can be emptied by simply shaking the compartment. It can be accessed and cleaned easily.

Easy Lift System: The cleaner floats to the desired location with the touch of a button from where you can grab it. Water is evacuated automatically thus allowing you to remove the cleaner from the pool easily.

Water Line Only Cleaning Cycle: This feature is incorporated for tile line scrubbing.

Heavy-duty Caddy: This element is heavily coated and helps in storing and moving the pool cleaner.

Accessories: The package comes with a 60 feet power cord, 100 transformers and a filter canister.

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