PoolRx Algaecide Unit Review

Pool RX Pool CleanerPool Rx is a unit used to improve water quality. It reduces the amount of chlorine used to maintain clean and safe water for swimming. It features a combination of chemicals which prevent algae from growing in the pool. Other chemicals function as clarifiers and phosphate removers.

A skimmer of a pump basket holds PoolRx as minerals dissolve into the pool. It takes less than 24 hours for the chemicals to dissolve into the whole pool. Minerals are re-energized as they move over this unit. This allows them to remain active for the next six months. Areas of regular swimming may need a PoolRX booster between 4 and six months. It is effective in different types of pools.

This unit helps in removing minerals, preventing algae growth while improving the look of your water. It saves money and time, among other water problems. The result is healthy pool water which improves your swimming experience.

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Top Features

Construction and Capacity: This unit measures 3.2 by 3.2 by 4.2 inches and weighs 13.1 inches. It is designed for pools which can hold up between 7500 and 20000 gallons of water. This is an alloy cylinder containing a mineral formulation.

Kills Algae: It comes with a six-month algaecide which keeps algae from growing in your swimming pool. A blend of minerals helps to eliminate algae effectively and continuously.

Chlorine Regulator: PoolRx is specifically designed for swimming pools which use chlorine and salt chlorine generators. It capable of maintaining chlorine levels between 0.5 to 1 ppm for normal pools and a range of 1 to 5 ppm for commercial pools. As a result, you get to buy less chlorine as well as increases the life of the generator.

Mineral Removal: PoolRx acts as a phosphate remover and water clarifier. This produces clear and healthy water which is good for your skin, hair, eyes, and lungs. It improves your feeling and looks after swimming.

Reduced Acid and Solids: Limited use of chlorine means a minimal accumulation of Total Dissolved Solids and Cyanuric Acid. This reduces the frequency of draining and filling the pool.

Easy Application: You only need to pick the right size of PoolRx, clean the filter and place the unit into the skimmer or pump basket. The minerals present dissolve quickly into the water for six months.

PoolRX Booster and Rejuvenation: A PoolRx booster is provided for addition after every season especially for large pools which experience tough conditions. Minerals are replenished every time they pass through the cylinder.


PoolRx eliminates algae continuously for a longer period. A mineral tablet allows you to boost the functioning of this unit. It is an effective method of reducing salt and chlorine demand. It also removes harsh chemicals like sodium bromide. It helps simply pool maintenance since no installation is required. It reduces energy since its effectiveness allows you to reduce circulation pump times which saves a lot of money. It increases the life of your pool equipment and surfaces. It is a great replacement for salt pools. It reduces the frequency of draining pool water.


The presence of copper turns blond hair green and walls purple. However, application in the right amount of pool water is less likely to cause this problem.

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